The easiest to use Restaurant and Bar POS is now contactless

Contactless dining

AccentPOS enables bars and restaurants to provide a completely contactless experience for their customers. As we come out of lockdown and restaurants and bars reopen, minimisation of contact between staff and customers will be critical for the safety of all. This is where the AccentPOS app comes in, eliminating all direct contact (other than delivery of the meals) by enabling customers to view menus and place (and amend) orders on their own phones. The orders are transmitted straight into the system, with no rekeying, and straight into the kitchen, where the chefs can see them on-screen and may print them if they wish.

Messages are sent automatically to the waiters when the kitchen completes the order (or parts of it) and customers can use their phone to pay, using any debit or credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay. Any smartphone can be used, irrespective of whether the customer has an Android or an iPhone.

So AccentPOS eliminates direct contact in the three main exchanges:

  • Order-taking
  • Payment
  • Communication among staff

It also eliminates sharing - a major risk factor:

  • Menu sharing - Eliminated
  • Till sharing by staff - Eliminated
  • Payment device sharing - Eliminated

Easy to get going and no out-of-pocket costs

Outlets can be set up and running on AccentPOS in less than an hour, with zero out-of-pocket costs. The whole system can be downloaded and set up in next to no time and very straightforward guidance notes are provided that cover everything to set up and get going. If an outlet has already been using an iPad POS system, the up-front cost of switching to AccentPOS is nil, as it will already have the hardware.

Easy to use

AccentPOS is the most intuitive system on the market, requiring NO USER TRAINING, in marked contrast to other systems - an important consideration in an industry known for high staff turnover.

Financial benefits

AccentPOS is not just COVID-19 compliant and easy to use - it also saves you money:

  • Menu printing - Now restaurants can change their dishes as often as you like, without having to reprint their menus
  • Staffing - Self-ordering and self-payment may mean that fewer waiters are needed
  • Order errors - No more mishearing and doubts about whether errors are the customer's 'fault' are eliminated
  • Waste - Adding on the Inventory module will lead to savings in food waste and efficient ordering
  • Management - Our unmatched suite of reports identifies good and not-so-good features of the business, directing management attention to opportunities for savings
  • Card usage fees - We have deals with card providers that will knock your socks off. How does 0.5% transaction fees with no other monthly costs at all sound? (This includes no compliance or non-compliance fees)
  • Table turn - Turn is 30% quicker with self-ordering and self-payment
  • Space - The space taken up by legacy till systems can be freed up, possibly enabling additional seating

Coming soon

We are well advanced with extending AccentPOS and the following integrations will be made available during the course of the Summer:

  • Deliverect - Enabling orders from all external ordering channels such as UberEats, Deliveroo and Just Eat to be funnelled directly into AccentPOS, eliminating all the transcription and all the hardware
  • Xero - The leading accounting software for SMEs
  • Click & Collect - An extension to our self-ordering by smartphone will enable customers to pre-order and pay before arrival. It can also be used for takeaway, avoiding the fees of online ordering companies