How BMW are utilising AccentPOS

At Snows BMW, there are a number of different ways to process an order, including customer orders, staff orders and monthly staff accounts. This poses a challenge for an EPOS provider, because all order types need to be catered for in the system.

AccentPOS has a unique Tab function alongside the standard Quick sale features, where prices and menus can be different for customers and staff members. Tabs remain open even though the shift is ended at the end of the day, ready for the account to be settled at the end of each month. The AccentPOS iPad solution replaces the need for the time-consuming processes and tasks that were a huge burden for the manager, while providing useful insights into the performance of the business.

“We’re really proud to have installed AccentPOS into Snows BMW. It’s great to see first-hand how our flexible solution can bring such impressive benefits to the business. Hospitality within the Motor Industry is a new sector for us to explore, I’m looking forward to developing more key relationships while working closely with Snows BMW.”

  • Blake Powell, Managing Director.