Here’s how these three entrepreneurs from Wickham are changing how restaurants take orders

Three entrepreneurs who met at university are hoping to transform the restaurant industry with their award-winning system. Blake Powell, James Lomas and Christian Ray Leovido met at university and graduated this year.

They developed the AccentPOS system while they were studying after a restaurant owner they knew highlighted the need for an easier to use system.

AccentPOS has now been released to the restaurant industry by the company they have formed – Accent IT, in Wickham, and is already receiving acclaim.

Founders from left, Christian Ray Leovido, MD Blake Powell and James Lomas. Accent IT Services Ltd, Wickham Picture: Chris Moorhouse Friday 26th October 2018

They exhibited the system, which makes ordering easier and quicker using iPads and wifi, at the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo – and were delighted to win the 2018 Business Innovation Award.

The small start-up beat major international brands, Nandos, Whitbred and Xero, who presented their innovations to the judges, including Graham Corfield, the managing director of Just Eat.

John Murray, sales manager, said: ‘Accent IT is now poised for a huge future partnering restaurants.

‘Some of the key features of the AccentPOS system are that it is very easy to use, having been designed to be intuitive and require no training at all, in marked contrast to previously-existing systems, and it is an all-in-one system covering all of a restaurant’s software requirements, so they will no longer need to buy several systems from different suppliers.

‘The system works on WiFi running on iPads and is entirely in the Cloud, meaning that business owners can see what is happening in their business at any time, no matter where in the world they are.’

AccentPOSCase study – India Quay Restaurant, Portsmouth

One satisfied customer is India Quay, an Indian restaurant in Portsmouth using AccentPOS® and the TSP654IIBI from Star.

Ruman Karim, the owner of India Quay, comments: “Other EPOS solutions are just an electronic ordering system. AccentPOS® provides a scalable solution with greater insight that allows me to see live statistics and report on how each of my restaurants is performing, regardless of my location”.

Ruman also explained that restaurant managers who need the flexibility to change the menu to remove a particular dish that has sold out or to add specials have the power to do so with AccentPOS. “The manager dashboard puts the control in the hands of the manager so menu changes can be performed quickly and easily”.

As seasonality is a factor that affects hospitality venues, the need to scale up or down staff numbers and supplies to deal with an increase in the number of customers can result in a rise in costs for the business, but AccentPOS customers benefit from features that offer scalability whilst limiting cost.

“AccentPOS is fluid. The outside terrace opens in the summer months so the staff can now take orders on the iPad, removing the need for them to physically walk handwritten orders to the bar and kitchen. This increased efficiency allows us to take more orders and welcome more people to experience our food without the need for additional waiting staff. That in itself more than covers the costs of putting the AccentPOS solution in place.”

AccentPOS is enhancing its solution further by including a new customer facing app that will be available early 2019 to help customers search, discover, book and collect rewards from hospitality venues signed up to AccentPOS.