Introducing AccentPOS ® Hub: A comprehensive back-office dashboard for restaurant managers

AccentPOS Hub, is an online companion application to AccentPOS by Accent IT Services; an Apple iPad point-of-sale (POS) application for hospitality venues.

AccentPOS AccentPOS Hub The Hub enables restaurant managers to keep track of individual venues. Connected to the AccentPOS iPad application, the Hub tracks usage in real-time allowing managers to make more informed decisions about multiple outlets in seconds. The Hub is ideal for both small independent establishments and large multi-outlet brands.

Key features of the Hub include:

Menu configuration

Create multiple menus and allocate them to in-house and takeaway, allowing for differentiation in price, range and description. Edits to any of the menus can be completed in real-time and are applied to the in-house iPads upon sign-in. AccentPOS® offers flexible menu configuration with custom primary and sub categories. Menus can be arranged in a format that suits the current brand language, ensuring it is recognisable to existing staff members.


AccentPOS® variants are a universal addition which can be added to menu items. For example: a variant for a steak would be the addition of peppercorn sauce at the added cost of £1.00. Multiple variants can be added to a single menu item, all of which will be displayed when the waiting staff select the item within the AccentPOS® iPad application.


An integrated AccentPOS® bookings widget can be added to your existing website. Once installed, all bookings are collated in the ‘Bookings’ area of the Hub where they can be accepted or declined by the manager and allocated to a specific table at the requested time prior to customer arrival, maximising capacity.

Easy expansion

Additional outlets along with their capacity can be added to the Hub to ensure AccentPOS is ready to go as soon as the Wi-Fi is up and running inside the new outlet. All administrative work such as menu creation and allocation can be done before the restaurant opens or simply reallocated if a menu already exists within another of the outlets registered to AccentPOS.


A new user can be added and the manager can select what role they are performing within the restaurant which then informs their user privileges. Once a username and password has been assigned they are ready to pick up one of the in-house iPads and get started. Existing users can also have quickly updated passwords and can be removed from the system when required.


Every transaction put through AccentPOS® will appear in the Hub, allowing for a quick and easy cash-out at the end of the evening. All transactions can be opened and viewed in more detail with the ability to re-print receipts if required. Discounts and refunds are also taken into account and can be reflected in the analytics dashboard if the user chooses to apply this information. All of the transaction history can be exported with one click and sent to an accountant in one neat file.

Star hardware

To complete the package, the TSP143IIIU USB printer and TSP654IIBI Bluetooth printer from Star Micronics have been integrated by AccentPOS® as the supported POS receipt and kitchen order printers.

The TSP143IIIU offers a unique communication and charge feature via the Apple device’s Lightning cable for a no-fuss setup, reliable connection while the ultra-white casing aesthetically matches Apple tablets. AccentPOS® is also planning to integrate the new mC-Print3™, Star’s latest printer with up to 5 interfaces alongside multiple peripheral hub functionality.

AccentPOSCase study – India Quay Restaurant, Portsmouth One satisfied customer is India Quay, an Indian restaurant in Portsmouth using AccentPOS® and the TSP654IIBI from Star.

Ruman Karim, the owner of India Quay, comments: “Other EPOS solutions are just an electronic ordering system. AccentPOS® provides a scalable solution with greater insight that allows me to see live statistics and report on how each of my restaurants is performing, regardless of my location”.

Ruman also explained that restaurant managers who need the flexibility to change the menu to remove a particular dish that has sold out or to add specials have the power to do so with AccentPOS. “The manager dashboard puts the control in the hands of the manager so menu changes can be performed quickly and easily”.

As seasonality is a factor that affects hospitality venues, the need to scale up or down staff numbers and supplies to deal with an increase in the number of customers can result in a rise in costs for the business, but AccentPOS customers benefit from features that offer scalability whilst limiting cost.

“AccentPOS is fluid. The outside terrace opens in the summer months so the staff can now take orders on the iPad, removing the need for them to physically walk handwritten orders to the bar and kitchen. This increased efficiency allows us to take more orders and welcome more people to experience our food without the need for additional waiting staff. That in itself more than covers the costs of putting the AccentPOS solution in place.”

AccentPOS is enhancing its solution further by including a new customer facing app that will be available early 2019 to help customers search, discover, book and collect rewards from hospitality venues signed up to AccentPOS.